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May 23 2018


Markets Served

At IDEX, we are addressing customer needs across our served and emerging future markets for the movement, measurement and dispensing of high value fluids.

Our largest served markets include industrial infrastructure applications, life science and medical technologies, industrial and municipal fire and rescue, and architectural paints and coatings.   We are equally excited about emerging markets where we see tremendous potential for growth across our segments.

Here are just a few recent innovations:

Refined Fuels and Gases We’re building on our pumping and metering solutions for the energy markets with a completely integrated system for remote management of fuel terminal operations.
Food and Beverage We’ve recently developed a market-changing technology for a beverage dispensing machine used in fast food restaurants around the world.
Pharmaceuticals We’ve added new particle control solutions critical to laboratory, pilot phase and production scale processing within the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets.
Analytical Instrumentation Our new high pressure/high temperature valves, pumps, tubing and fittings are improving instrument sample throughput speed by four to seven times.
Fire and Safety Our innovative compressed air foam systems are five times more effective than water at fighting fires, while our evolving portfolio of rescue tools provides first responders with unprecedented power and portability to help save lives.
Subsea/Marine Our permanent band clamping systems - long a reliable solution on land - are now used beneath the sea to attach sheathing to piers and insulation to underwater pipelines.