IDEX Finance Development Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an interview for the IDEX Finance Development Program (IFDP)?
We currently recruit at only a few schools (Augustana, Bradley, and Illinois State) to better leverage our resources as well as develop strong relationships with the placement office and faculty.  IDEX participates at the career fairs and other events on campus and would be happy to talk to you and see your resume at those times or if that does not work please reach out to the recruiting coordinator for your specific school. (Link to Steering Committee Members)

How does IDEX choose candidates for the IFDP?
Through career fairs and other interactions we will interview students on campus and then bring the best candidates up to Lake Forest for a second set of interviews and make an offer to the best candidates.  The candidates are chosen based on their school and work experiences, how well they fit IDEX’s core values, and key attributes that we believe would make them a future leader at IDEX.

What is the overall structure of the IFDP?
The structure or the program revolves around four areas of support.

  1. The IFDP Steering Committee is responsible for overall oversight and strategy of the program to make things are running smooth.
  2. Program Managers are assigned to each participant to provide a personal resource for questions throughout the two year program.
  3. Assignment Managers serve as your immediate day to day contact in the role providing you with the assignments and objectives of the role as well as feedback on performance.
  4. IFDP Participants as a group serve as an invaluable resource to both socialize and talk through common components of the program.

How long has the IFDP been around?
2014 will be the first recruiting year at IDEX but many members of the finance organization have been on through similar programs or ran development programs at other companies. The sharing of best practices from other programs will make IFDP very successful right from the start.

How do I overcome the learning curve that comes with changing positions  so frequently?
There will be formal training on systems, key processes, and operating models at the start of the program which will help build a foundation.  Your assignment manager will have clearly defined goals and objectives for your assignment and provide the training necessary to be successful in your role.  However, in the end it is your responsibility to “raise your hand” and discuss if you do not think you have the training or tools to do your job correctly and work with your program and assignment manager to get the skills you need to be successful.

How are assignments scheduled?
A:  The IFDP Steering Committee works together to assign rotations to insure a well rounded yet challenging experience for the participant.  Input can come from assignment managers, program managers, as well as the IFDP participant but no rotation or location is guaranteed.

How is performance evaluated?
Your performance is evaluated on an on-going basis by your assignment manager, a mid-point review,  and a formal documented review at the end of the assignment both of which are with the assignment manager and program manager.

What if I do not want an off-site assignment?
An offsite assignment is mandatory as IDEX’s operating model is that each of the global businesses operate very autonomously and the experience gained at one of our manufacturing facilities is invaluable for future growth at IDEX.  The off-site assignment is focused on cost accounting which is integral part of manufacturing operations and part of gaining a well rounded experience in the program.

What if I don’t get along with my assignment manager or not communicating with my program manager?
You are encouraged to discuss the situation professionally with the individual but if you need an additional resource please feel free to communicate directly with anyone on the IFDP Steering Committee.