Total Rewards

Great employees consistently make solid contributions to their companies. And great employers are quick to recognize and reward these efforts. At IDEX, we strive to create an atmosphere where both you and we feel rewarded by our relationship. That’s why it’s our philosophy to establish and maintain performance systems that are:

  • Aligned with our mission, values and shareholder interests
  • Compelling motivators for our employees to deliver excellence
  • Designed to deliver appropriate pay for performance and contributions
  • Competitive with our business and geographic marketplace for talent
  • Above all, fiscally responsible

As a member of our team, the decisions you make, and the performance you achieve, impact IDEX directly. In return, IDEX provides a comprehensive total rewards package, which includes:

  • Your base salary or "fixed compensation"
  • Health and welfare benefits – your "membership benefits" as part of the IDEX team
  • Variable merit awards and/or performance-based incentives, depending upon your role
  • Wealth accumulation potential from retirement programs and/or stock-based programs, depending upon your role

Your performance, and that of your team, impacts your total rewards opportunity. Simply put: the greater your impact on organizational success, the greater your rewards potential over time.

Careers at IDEX come with great rewards and benefits. Move your career toward greater success with us today.

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