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May 23 2018


Community Relations

With thousands of employees working in more than 60 locations around the world, IDEX has a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to our communities. Each year our businesses contribute money, time and resources to community, charitable and social welfare programs benefiting our local communities.

Recent examples include:

  • Sponsorship of local schools through Junior Achievement
  • Fund-raising for research for cancer, heart, lung and numerous other diseases
  • Red Cross blood drives
  • Assistance for the homeless through meal programs and shelter
  • Support of disaster relief from hurricanes, floods, fires and other natural disasters

In a true win/win scenario, one enterprising business unit is currently piloting a Wellness Program wherein employees walk or run to earn “miles” that will equate to dollars donated to the charity of their choice.

In addition, IDEX conducts a corporate matching program for employee contributions to educational institutions

These are just some of the numerous ways our company and our employees give back to our communities.